How do you screen your consultants?

First, we assess a candidate's core competencies with the eight areas of expertise KNI offers. If there is a match, then we:
Administer CV screening
Conduct interviews with KNI partners and managers
Perform a thorough check of references
Review examples of work
Once a consultant has successfully been accepted into our talent pool, further assessment will be made to determine their suitability for specific projects.

Do you work internationally?

The majority of our work is UK-based, and we do a significant amount of work in the US and Continental Europe.

What guarantees of quality do you provide?

The rigorous interviewing, project scoping, and selection procedures mean that all efforts possible are made to ensure there is a fit in terms both of skills and personality between the client and consultant. This also helps to ensure that the consultant will be able to quickly assimilate into the environment and engage in the project. During the project, the Knowledge Network partner will stay in close contact with both client and consultant to ensure smooth progress and resolve issues.

What if a client doesn't like any of the candidates you send for interviews?

The client is under no obligation to select one of our candidates, but we work very hard to find consultants that you will want to select. If necessary, however, we would either provide a new selection of consultants, or withdraw from the process at no cost to the client.

How do you make the fit between the consultant and the project?

We consider in detail the skills, knowledge, personality, and budget required to carry out the work successfully.

How flexible is this for clients?

Projects are completely flexible in duration and structure --some may require full time assistance for three months, while others may need two days a week for six months. However, we do not generally undertake projects with budgets under $100,000. Payment is based on day-rates, and assignments can be cancelled with a two weeks notice.

Where do you find your consultants?

Most of our practitioners have been referred by other consultants or executives, business schools, or corporate networks.

Who do I contact?

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Can a consultant really choose the project for which he or she wants to work?

Yes. Our consultants are under no obligation to accept assignments. Project opportunities are offered to consultants based upon the compatibility of their skills and experience, and their level of interest and availability. It is only after the consultant agrees that he or she is presented to the client.

What if the client wants to offer the consultant a full-time job?

This is not unusual. Under such circumstances, and should the consultant wish to accept the post, Knowledge Network International charges the client a one-time fee and removes the consultant from the talent pool.