We provide experienced teams and individuals that focus on solving key problems for clients across a range of strategic and functional areas. Working with independent consultants allows us to employ a variety of flexible and cost effective resourcing models, varying from full-time teams to part-time individuals. KNI's large scope and successful track record give us the ability to select consultants with the most relevant experience to fit the clients' needs.

Individual Consultants

— individuals across a range of functional specialties to tackle small projects, assist on larger ones, or provide interim support for vacant positions.

Consulting Teams

— tailored teams to address larger business issues that need to be solved. We draw only the specific experts needed for the team. Unlike consulting firms who operate a consulting "bench", we are not compelled to put just any consultant on projects simply because they are not busy.

Experts on Tap™

— individuals or a panel of experts who are available to answer key questions or provide direction and input. Anything from a three day symposium to a two hour conference call, wherein you can discuss your ideas with peer groups, executives, finance specialist or other experts.

Interim Management Teams

— for times when greater assistance is required, such as a turn-around situation.