Our experts will make sure you are asking the right questions to ensure your business is running at its fullest potential, and will solve your analytic challenges.

Profitability Analysis

— Do you know the profitability of your customer groups, products, and channels?

Campaign and Test Analysis

— Do you have a clear view of how your marketing and sales campaigns are performing?

Channel Sales & Service Analysis

— Do you have the right level of visibility and control over how your sales and service channels are performing?

Pricing Analysis

— Does your organization truly understand how to optimise your pricing? Do you know the price elasticity curves for your customers and products?

Vintage and Population Analysis

— Do you know how different vintages and populations compare with each other, and what could be done to improve performance?

NPV Model Development

— Do you have reliable, accurate and fully operational NPV models to assist enable better decision-making?

Management Information

— Is your management information reliable, consistent, and does it drive actions on a daily, weekly and monthly basis?

Customer and Prospect Targeting

— Are your targeting criteria and value propositions aligned? Are your offers compelling and differentiated in the market? Are they performing?

Scoring and Modelling

— Are your models performing well? Are you using models in all the areas that you would like, or are they still in the domain of the analysts?


— Do you understand how your portfolio or prospect universe is segmented by behaviours, value and preferences?

Loss Forecasting

— Are you able to reliably predict your losses and understand what is driving them?